Five Excellent Albums From 2012 to Play This Rainy Weekend

So, it's pretty much going to rain all weekend here in the Bay Area. Which means that instead of listening to whatever the closest boom-box at Dolores Park is blasting, you'll be cooped up at home (or in your local watering hole/cafe), having to make more of your own decisions about what to listen to than usual. Can we help with that? Here are five albums, all of which came out this year, that'll make an excellent soundtrack to your rainy weekend. We've got jammy jazz-rock, sexy modern pop, and tweed-jacketed indie rock, plus some other good stuff. So listen up.


Total Loss, How to Dress Welll
Tom Krell, the artist who performs as How to Dress Well, is a master at the airy, moody electronic pop so in fashion in 2012. Total Loss is slow, melancholic, and relentlessly pretty -- so it's perfect for a solo night drive or a rainy afternoon reading a book. Some of these songs, like opener "When I Was in Trouble," seem to drip out on their own, like sheets of rainwater streaming down a window. The mood here is often gloomy, but Krell's voice has an unmistakably sexy sweetness. So if knockin' boots is a favorite rainy-day activity of yours, this might be a good album to get into. (You can catch Krell performing live next Wednesday at Rickshaw Stop.)

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