The Five Silliest Stories From Dirty Ghosts' Tour Diary (So Far)

Allyson Baker and Erin McDermott somewhere in the U.S.A. heartland.
There really is nothing like the great big American road -- and nothing like a bunch of crazy rockers from San Francisco telling their traveling stories to put it in perspective. After playing Noise Pop and Treasure Island this year, local band Dirty Ghosts, the latest project of fiery guitarist/frontwoman Allyson Baker, is out on a U.S. tour. And thankfully, bassist Erin McDermott is keeping a very funny tour diary on the band's blog. Between their hunting In-N-Outs in Texas, hangover-puking in Iowa, and getting some unintentionally backhanded compliments, the Dirty Ghosts tour diary is a damn good read. Below, we've excerpted five particularly amusing bits from the blog -- all written by McDermott -- along with a few photos. Check out the whole thing here.

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5. False Alarm
The mood was spirited and mildly tense as the room was anticipating a win for the 'Bamanator ©. Allyson was so literally spirited that she ordered not one but TWO shots of tequila...

... I woke up around 5 a.m. to hear Allyson shuffling about, later on to find out that she was actually just vomiting about.

6 a.m. rolled around to a cool car alarm GOING OFF AT VOLUME EIGHT MILLION which was nice. At about two minutes in I peaked out the hotel window out of mild van safety concern to discover an elderly man standing behind the alarm tripped car right outside our window just staring at his keys, then at his car, then back at his keys. He eventually figured it out, so we had that going for us.

We slept in for another few hours and then Allyson forced a hotel maid to give her two donuts, then later asked for a bagel. Then a banana for health (#classy).

McDermott with drummer Ben Tuttle
4. "Actually Good"
We played Beerland last night with Foreign Mothers which was really fun, particularly when Ben fell off the stage TWICE mid-song due to the ingenious gap installed between the stage and the wall (#smart). Minus the 10 seconds of silence mid song, Tutts missed nary a beat!! Way to go Tuttster! This was our second show with the Foreign Mothers from Austin -- they're rad, if you're able to catch 'em check out their tight rhythm sectional vibes!

Biggest highlight of the night was being told by two separate people that we were "actually good." First topic in today's van ride band meeting was, "But how can we become actually better?" Second order of business was, "Should we get joint band body piercings and tinted violet contact lenses at this Oklahoma truck stop?" Come see us live in concert for the answer to that one guys!

3. Photo: "Our Butts Taste Good"


2. In-N-Out Reroute

We discovered that there's a few In-N-Out Burgers in Texas, so we rerouted our entire drive to hit the one in Fort Worth. I had freshly warmed up my palate with two McD hashbrowns & a bag of Uncle Ray's 'beyond good' ripple chips, so Al n I split a fresh order of Animal Style fries and protein style grilled cheeses! #pigs. We let Ben have his order of plain fries when the animals (Al n I) had finished our feed session.


1. An Iowa Band That Sounds Mind-Blowing

The highlight of the set was Tanks. A local band that only play about once a year, they had a dedicated following pumped for them to play. They sounded like Jesus Lizard with a splash of Cypress Hill, a fresh mix. The singer wore a Cat in the Hat-style rasta hat with long black Al Jorgensen-style dreads attached. He played barefoot so the visuals smoked! The smoke machine smoked! There was a nice sample played at the end of every jam of a dude jazzily singing the words "smoke weed everyday" followed by a screaming loud heavy bong rip noise.


Dirty Ghosts return from their odyssey across America later this month for a show at the Elbo Room on Nov. 30 with L.A. punks Zig Zags and locals Glitz. It'll be their last show before they hole up to record its next album, so don't sleep!

-- @iPORT

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