FIDLAR's "Cheap Beer": Put Down Your Beer Pretensions Already?

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Quick! Put down the Chimay, or this guy will come after you...
Kids today don't want your over-hopped IPAs, your precious Belgian tripels, your chocolate-oatmeal-pumpkin-wheat-bran-stouts. No sir. The kids -- well, L.A. skate-punks FIDLAR, anyway -- want just cheap beer, thank you very much, and lots of it, if their new video for, uh, "Cheap Beer" is any indication. And while the video and song make for a pretty satisfying listen (Plot: Harley man with "Coors" tattoo beats up pricey-suds-drinking cool kids all over L.A.), we, as unapologetic beer snobs, have a few issues with it:

1. Stella Artois is not "good" or "fancy" beer. Maybe the annoying L.A. cool kids drink it. But Stella is Eurocheap beer, basically Budweiser with a fancy label.

2. Liking "cheap beer" is not exactly the rebellious, anti-"hipster" statement these dudes seem to think. Maybe liking Coors is. (Real talk: Coors sucks.) But we've never seen a skinny-jeaned type berate someone for their choice of Tecate or PBR.

3. This song still fucking rules though, so listen to it.

4. And now to Toronado/City Beer Store/Monk's Kettle/Most any S.F. bar, where we very happily drink plenty of uncheap beer.

-- @iPORT

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