Ry Toast On How DJing Is Like Teaching Yoga

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You also teach Bikram Yoga. Do your two passions ever cross paths?
They are much more similar than you think. Both are all about reading your crowd, controlling the energy of the room, and bringing people together. It always cracks me up when I see my students in the club! The looks on their face is like, 'Is that my yoga teacher?!' It's so funny.

Break down a typical yoga class by using hip-hop/rap songs.
"Warning" - Biggie
"Gonna Make You Sweat" - C&C Music Factory
"When I Move You Move" - Ludacris
"Work Out" - J.Cole
"Stayin' Alive" - Refugee All Stars
"I Know I Can" - Nas
"Electric Relaxation" - A Tribe Called Quest
"Miss New Booty" - Bubba Sparks

Your latest mix is titled "After the Beep." What's the idea behind the voicemail theme?

"After the Beep" really represents who I am and where I've been in my life, musically and otherwise. It's pretty much all hip-hop, but other than that the only common bond among the tracks is that I love them. Some of the songs I've been knocking since high school, some were the freshest tracks of the year. I laced it together with actual voicemails from my family and friends, which definitely gives it some comedy, but also an endearing quality.

Who you be in your ideal local DJ night lineup?
Not fair! I have so many favorite DJs. Mostly, I love listening to my friends play music, like Mark Di Vita, Vinroc, DC, to name a few. I love Pam the Funkstress too. She is so much fun to be around and a major inspiration!

Lastly, what kind of toast is Ry Toast?
Ry Toast has been my nickname since I was born. My name is Ryan. But my parents and friends took it and ran. Ry Toast. Ry Wheat. Ry Wheat Toast. Toast. Toastie! Toastmaster. Toastmaster General. Toastface Killah. I'll stop now. It only gets worse from here.

-- @ChrisxtinaLi

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