'I'm Extremely Uncool': 9 Lively Bassnectar Quotes That Didn't Make Our Cover Story

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Illustration by Andrew J. Nilsen

On not making the Forbes list of richest DJs
No, I didn't. I didn't show up in DJ Mag's list of 100 best DJs, either. I thought that was great. I always see people who are like, "Vote for Bassnectar for best DJ!" I'm like, please don't vote for me on that. I have no desire to be in any of that. It's so embarrassing and goofy.

On his daily life
it's pretty common that I wake up and don't know where I am. I'd say nine times out of 10 I wake up and I'm like, "What day is it, what city is it, where am I?" And probably one out of 10 [mornings] I literally don't know anything -- I wake up in this blank space.

On dubstep
I would compare myself to a collage artist, and dubstep is one of the source materials that I would use in my collages, but it's one of the many. There's amazing jaw-dropping dubstep and there's shitty dubstep. There's cinematic, soothing, relaxing, ethereal dubstep and there's dubstep that feels like raw carnage. There's dubstep that sounds like rock 'n roll and heavy metal, there's dubstep that sounds like hip-hop. So it's actually a very eclectic word that I don't think a lot of people really understand. Or if they do, they have a different understanding than I do.

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its funny that I completely understand his view on dubstep because I listen to him so much that whatever he says makes complete sense. its not "dubstep". its bass music. he throws it with rock and hip and whatever other genres. prince remix, seek and destroy remix, I mean bass head common ppl. dubstep is dumb to me. BASS MUSIC MUUUUU SIIIIICCCC

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