Top 10 Hella Tight Bay Area Rap T-Shirts

Mac Dre Polo Stripe shirt by Thizz Clothing.
5. Mac Dre Polo Stripe by Thizz Clothing

When this memorial shirt came out, local hip-hop was all about getting its "grown man on." The style is still classic and a nice tribute to Mac Dre's memory.

Hiero Imperium
'93 Til shirt by Hieroglyphics.
4. '93 Til by Hieroglyphics

This shirt represents the classic anthem "'93 Til Infinity" by Oakland's Souls of Mischief. But it's also gotten a lot of love from people born in the year 1993. A brilliant blend of old-
school and new-school can be emblazoned across your chest.

2 Legit 2 Quit shirt by 212Q on Cafe Press.
3. 2 Legit 2 Quit shirt by 212Q

There is a whole Cafe Press cottage industry selling MC Hammer-themed T-shirts. There are dozens of Hammertime offerings, but this is the minimalist winner.

Digital Underground
The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground.
2. The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground

This cartoonish shirt depicting the original big-nosed rapper (and drawn by his creator/alter ego, Shock G) has, like the '90s, been making a comeback. It isn't pictured here, but the version of this shirt in our personal collection has a vital extra tagline: "Hump Who Ya Like."

Hiero Imperium
Classic logo tee by Hieroglyphics.
1. Classic logo tee by Hieroglyphics

This simple yet powerful third eye symbol has come to represent the Bay Area all over the world. The popularity of the original shirt has lasted from '93 'til at least 2012, but the logo has been around even longer than that. Hiero member Del The Funky Homosapien created the image when he was in junior high school. (Talk about prescience.) More recently, it has been remixed and mashed up in clever forms with other iconic images like Mickey Mouse and the Oakland Raiders.

-- @teemoney415

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