Top 10 Hella Tight Bay Area Rap T-Shirts

Hiero Imperium
Hiero Mickey shirt by Hieroglyphics.
Here in the Yay Area, we like to wear our affection for local rap on our sleeves. Our favorite hip-hop T-shirts are largely silly novelties that make us smile, with a sprinkling of iconic imagery that has lasted in some cases for as long as 20 years. Whether Hieroglyphics or Humpty Hump, here are our top 10 old and new classics.

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Unisex crew shirt by Lil Debbie.
10. Lil Debbie Unisex Crew Neck

East Bay native Jordan Capozzi (aka Lil Debbie) has amassed a cult following for her stylish looks, first given a platform as part of the White Girl Mob in Kreayshawn's viral video "Gucci Gucci" in 2011. Her daily postings on Instagram instantly get thousands of likes, and now you can wear a picture of her smoking in the bathtub close to your heart.

Hip Hop Godfather shirt by Mac Dre.
9. Hip-Hop Godfather

Sadly, rapper Mac Dre's life was cut short before the full impact of his career could be realized, but his influence is still felt both in the music and in the style of the scene. His Godfather status is frozen in time with this artifact.

Pre-ratchetness, there was hyphy.

8. Got Hyphy?

It has been more than five years since the heyday of hyphy, throwing this shirt firmly into throwback-humor territory. We got hyphy, past tense, but this is a great placeholder until our next term for the crunk-hearted takes hold.

Rest in Peace shirt by Rapbay.
7. Rest in Peace by Rapbay

A true local music fan will really feel this sobering, heartfelt tribute to many of the fallen soldiers of Bay Area rap music. Artists honored include Mac Dre, Cougnut, Rappin Ron, and 2Pac.

Hammertime shirt by MC Hammer.
6. Hammertime by MC Hammer

This 22-year-old relic is a vintage reminder of when pants were parachute-y and the whole world got to know a funky brother from the city of Oakland. And since the '90s retro fever is officially in full swing, this is definitely a good one to dust off from your mom's closet.

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