Your World Series National Anthem Singers: Aretha and Zooey, But Not Bob Seger

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Zooey Deschanel: Coming soon to a baseball game you'll be watching.
So, okay, Phillip Phillips, the American Idol winner, wasn't awful at the National Anthem before last night's World Series Game 1. And tonight's singer is Matthew Morrison, who plays a character on another Fox TV show some people watch, called Glee.

After that, though, the singers doing "The Star Spangled Banner" for the 2012 World Series start to get more interesting.

Zoe Deschanel (ex-Ben Gibbard; She & Him; also on TV as Jess in New Girl) will be doing the National Anthem in Detroit on Saturday for Game 3. Think she'll bring her white iPhone?

And since being on TV -- hell, being on a Fox show, if it's not already transparent enough -- is apparently a prerequisite for getting to sing at the World Series, it's not terribly surprising that Demi Lovato, singer-songwriter and X-Factor judge, is going up for Game 4.

But then there's Game 5, where we'll be treated to "The Star-Spangled Banner" by none other than Aretha Franklin, who as far as we can tell does not have a current promotional tie-in with the network carrying the World Series. Yay!

Now for one likely suspect who won't be singing this year: Bob Seger, who told a Detroit radio station yesterday that he won't be doing the National Anthem for his beloved Tigers this year because last time he did it, in 2006, they lost.

Hey, Bob, what can we do to change your mind? Quick, Fox execs, get Seger a show!

-- @iPORT

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