Watch This Trailer For Hunx's Glitterally Fucked-Up New Variety Show, Hollywood Nailz

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Bogart as Steven the Hairdresser
Okay, so a variety show involving the likes of Hunx and His Punx's Seth Bogart was always going to be a pansexual trash-fest. As longtime watchers know, any new thing from San Francisco's loudest gay garage-rocker and hair salon/vintage boutique proprietor is basically guaranteed to bring the unholy trinity of groins, glam, and glitter to delightful new lows.

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But still: If this first preview of Hunx and Brande Bytheway's new variety show, Hollywood Nailz, is any indication, this project might be the fullest-yet realization of their whole aesthetic. It's too early to say for sure, but with appearances from rockers like King Tuff, King Kahn, Nobunny, and Shannon and the Clams; skits where a gay bartender judge adjudicates disputes between his patrons; fake ads for car-friendly fast-food dipping-sauce holders; Bogart playing a caricature of a gay hairdresser; and a (fake) competition between bands covering America's favorite songs -- well, Hollywood Nailz would seem to hold a lot of promise.

As long as your idea of "promise" includes cheap sets, bad jokes, nasty teeth, disturbing makeup, and semi-nude men being whipped, of course. (But if it doesn't, what are you doing living here?)

The first episode is out next week on the show's website. We can't wait.

-- @iPORT

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kind of just looks like a gay version of tim and eric to me.

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