Watch: James and Evander Have a Ray Gun Fight in "Ambigamy"

Here's Oakland's own electro-stoner-pop duo James and Evander, back with a video that demonstrates why we (and lots of others) dig 'em so much: For the new "Ambigamy" clip, members Glenn Jackson and Adam Myatt cooked up a funny plot that involves gardening, lemonade, ray gun fights, bike rides through the East Bay industrial wasteland, finding death, having a ray gun battle with death, and even a happy ending. Which, considering this band's excellent latest album is called Bummer Pop, was not at all assured.

The video also rather hilariously alludes to the song's uptempo energy, with both main figures nodding their heads and grinning throughout -- even in what seem like the darkest moments. That's pretty appropriate, considering the animating tension between the melancholy and the sweet in James and Evander's music. "Ambigamy," the song, rides an energetic beat with synth lines that feel distant and removed, and vocals that sound downright sad. Graced with these sunny, smiling visuals, the, uh, ambiguity of the concept becomes even clearer. So check out the new Brent Johnson- and Andy Hoffman-directed video already:

-- @iPORT

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