Watch: E-40 and Too $hort Pretend They're Insensitive Men in 'Dump Truck'

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Too $hort and E-40 in "Dump Truck" video.
On "Dump Truck," the first single from E-40 and Too $hort's long-awaited collaborative double-album The History Channel (which drops on Nov. 6), the two longtime friends are joined by the youngsters in Travis Porter, which is not an individual but a group from Atlanta that's popular for making music for strip clubs. The video finds this collective crew popping up amidst a big room full of wiggling posteriors.

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The lyrics are straightforwardly focused on the bottom (example: "Baby do your dance, drop it like a hot potato/ Do a full point stance, both hands on the ground/ Ass in the air, I'ma make you feel it through your pants/Hand full of hair").

Let's be clear. We're lifelong fans of these local legends, but this song is about as exciting to a female listener as one of their last collaborations, "Sliding Down the Pole," i.e., not very exciting at all. The problem is that these guys, in "real life," are much more respectful to women than this ass-tastic song lets on.

Despite slipping on the player persona, E-40 has been married to his high school sweetheart for over two decades, and Too $hort is currently appearing on VH1 reality show Couples Therapy in order to try and work things out with an on-again, off-again love. In the midst of a wild cast of characters, $hort and his lady Monica Payne are the least camera-jocking and among the most earnest, especially when he reveals that his player lifestyle has always been at odds with his longterm goal to -- gasp! -- settle down with one person.

Here's hoping The History Channel has at least a few suave, sensual, and straight-up loving songs on it, something more reflective of their big and beautiful hearts.

-- @teemoney415

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