"Wait a Minute": Chris Webby is a Sexist Idiot; Kid Ink is a Romney Wannabe

You know what the world needs desperately right now? More songs that talk about all-encompassing greed like it's a good thing, with a side of horrifying 1950s-level sexism. Yeah. The world needs that about as much as it needs Mitt Romney winning the next election.

As such, today's worst new song of the week comes from Chris Webby, featuring Kid Ink and Bun B. This is "Wait a Minute." And it's fucking dreadful. Observe:

Was that as fun for you, ladies, as it was for us? Did any of you notice how much Chris Webby is a man with some serious mommy issues? Here, we see all women, except for his beloved mother ("There's one woman that I love and she gave birth to me in '88"), referred to almost exclusively as bitches. Bitches that apparently need to be financially supported at every turn (Jay-Z should sit this fucker down and explain how his marriage works); bitches whose value consists solely of their appearance and performance in the bedroom; bitches who apparently render Mr. Webby incapable of working or saving money. Pesky, pesky bitches.

If you ask us, the sexist doth protest too much. This whole song seems like a massive, elaborate excuse as to why Webby never has any lady companions. No, no. Really -- it's not that he can't get laid, it's that he doesn't want to because, like, money is more important and stuff. Whatever you need to tell yourself, Webby... whatever you need to tell yourself. Maybe Chris would have more luck with the ladies if he didn't come off like a deeply insecure distant cousin of Kevin Federline, who just had the boy's section of a 1989 K-Mart explode all over him (seriously, this kid's wardrobe needs some major work). 

And yeah, Webby's obsession with making cash here comes off as borderline rabid... But he's got nothing on Kid Ink. "Maybe when I hit a hundred million I'll be satisfied," he brags, like a tiny Mitt Romney in knee high socks and an inky skin suit.

Remember how that MTV show Cribs just, in the end, turned into an exercise in teaching the nation's teens that they're nothing without a buttload of cash, a fancy 16-bedroom house and three Bentleys in their eight-car garage? Well, "Wait a Minute" is the updated version of that message: You are nothing without money, nothing is more important than being rich (including personal relationships), and if you don't have money, you're simply not working hard enough, lazy bones.

In this economy, that message isn't just in bad taste, it's effectively bullying and belittling. The rampant misogyny is just the icing here.  

-- @Raemondjjjj
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its an awesome song. Way way way better then gangam style


It's a song lol, your taking it a little to seriously, and girls need to learn there place!


 @slawika You should learn English. The song is wack.


@zinebeaboutit @slawika Yeah I agree, I do need to learn English and the song is kind of wack.


@Raemondjjjj this is completely false lol.If I didn't know this came from you is think it was a 10 yr old.Wait you think alike

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