The Top Five Parties in San Francisco This Week: Move D, Daniel Wang, RRose, and More

Man Ray
RRose is a pseudonym of both Marcel Duchamp and a mysterious techno producer. Can you guess which this is?
A weekend of D -- Or Move D at least. That seems to sum up the recurrent theme between this week's top five parties. Yet, while the German house producer will be playing two shows here, there'll be plenty of other good stuff as well. Surreal planes of techno, amyl nitrite-fueled disco euphoria, and piles of avant-garde house, we've nearly got it all. Read on -- your weekend awaits.

5. Odyssey One Year Anniversary w/ Neon Leon @ Public Works
Friday, Oct. 19, 9 p.m. - 3 a.m.

San Francisco is great, but it could definitely learn to loosen up a little bit regarding after-hours nightlife. At least, that seems to be the takeaway regarding the recent spate of after-hours venue closures. Yet, while it's sad that it's growing harder to party outside of bars and clubs, a side effect of the crackdown has been that a lot of underground promoters have moved to more public venues. Started a year ago, Odyssey was one of the city's best secrets, with a warm vibe of house and disco served up by an accepting family of DJs. And while it used to be the province of the late-night set, now it's celebrating its one-year anniversary in the main room at Public Works, the party's new home. The best part is that not much has changed: it's still fueled by the same vibe, music, and psychedelic light show (courtesy of Donovan's Light's Out Light Show) that made it such a favorite in the first place. Get a feel for the party by checking out promoter Robin Malone Simmons' YouTube stream for some clips and sounds that represent what it's all about.

4. Move D @ Public Works OddJob Loft
Thursday, Oct. 18, 9 p.m. - 3 a.m.

Public Works has been on a roll lately with its in-house productions -- this week they're at it again, with a three-hour set from German producer Move D. A highly respected figure, with an experimental catalogue stretching back to the early-'90s, he's done a lot to push the boundaries of the genre with a sound partly indebted to the deeper and jazzier side of the genre. A couple tracks here and there wouldn't do much to convey the scope of his catalog, but you can get a basic idea through cuts like "Felix.," "Got 2 B," and "Crashed Jazz." Alternatively, listen to this recent mix to see and hear his fairly recent, and totally awesome, mix for London's Boiler Room.

3. Realtime with Reagenz @ 222 Hyde
Friday, Oct. 19, 9 p.m. - 3 a.m.

This weekend ought to prove very satisfying for Move D fans (which, if you aren't one now, you probably will be soon). Combine him with Jonah Sharp and you have Reagenz, the influential experimental electronic group that released its self-titled, ambient-leaning masterpiece in '94. Check out "Ä" and "Long Leaves." There's a significance there, as that album was recorded here in the Bay Area. They didn't collaborate together again until the late-'00s, but when they did, they released the similarly killer Playtime, an album of critically-lauded tracks like the chunky "Keep Building" and spacious "Du Bist Hier." This one is not a DJ set -- instead it's the latest edition of 222 Hyde's Realtime, a party dedicated to using the club's excellent Turbosound system for live performances. As you can imagine this is a rare opportunity, and combined with openers Moniker, It's Own Infinite Flower, and Polk & Hyde, this one looks to be quite an evening.

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Public Works

161 Erie, San Francisco, CA

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Public Works

161 Erie, San Francisco, CA

Category: Music

222 Hyde - CLOSED

222 Hyde St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Music

Holy Cow

1535 Folsom, San Francisco, CA

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Club Six - CLOSED

60 Sixth St., San Francisco, CA

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