Seth Bogart's New Label Released a Porno Record and a Kid's Record on the Same Day

Seth Bogart
Seth Bogart -- or Hunx, as he is better known when fronting homosexually themed garage group Hunx and His Punx -- isn't shy about his interests. His lyrics and stage
persona are charged with flippant sexuality, beauty-industry clich├ęs and girl-group style
relationship melodrama. But, the notorious Bay Area group has been relatively inactive lately. Bogart is instead busily launching a record label called Wacky Wacko and premiering a video series called Hollywood Nailz on the Internet. We caught up with him to discuss the new projects, and Bogart was characteristically forthcoming regarding details of both.

Wacky Wacko's first two releases are a folk song by Saba Lou, King Khan's 11-year-old daughter, and electro club tune from Hunx himself entitled, "I Vant to Suck Your Cock." Hollywood Nailz debuts Thursday, Nov. 1, and rolls all of Bogart's interests into one. Judging by its teaser video and the details unearthed in our interview, the show is a logical extension of Bogart's music. The hairdressing, outrageous outfits, and sexual humor of Hunx and His Punx practically begs for video accompaniment. We're surprised it took this long for a show to materialize.

What inspired you to start Wacky Wacko Records?
I wanted to start releasing crazy stuff that I wanted to listen to that I don't think record labels would pay attention to. I'm extremely over the way the whole music business is, you know? Everyone is trying to find the next big thing without actually caring about music. I just wanted to do my own thing with stuff I like.

What is it about the music industry that you're avoiding with Wacky Wacko?
I don't like the press or websites and stuff like that. I find the whole thing completely boring. I don't want to put things out that are going to get good scores on websites. I just want to put out things I find amazing.

How do you characterize the goal of Wacky Wacko in general?
I'm open to whatever. I'm open to it being a fun, once-in-a-while thing, or becoming a full time job. I'd rather do music and art for a living than hairdressing. I mostly just do it because I love music and I'm sick of blogs, websites, managers, labels, and all of the other boring things that go along with being a musician. I'm going to put out cool records and hopefully people will buy them.

Well, you're willing to do a little promotion, as evidenced by this interview.
I'm down to do promotion. I'm just saying that all of that stuff takes the fun out of it for me. What really matters is the music, artwork for records, and sharing this cool stuff with people.

Is there a story behind the name "Wacky Wacko?"
My friends Jess [Scott] who plays in this band Brilliant Colors and Kate [Hall] who was in this band Mika Miko were going to start a label with the name. I really liked it and they suggested that I use it for my own label because they probably weren't going to do anything with it. I don't want the name to indicate a sound necessarily, and "Wacky Wacko" doesn't.

I read a description of the label as an outlet for children's music, novelty music and songs from Hollywood Nailz.
The first episode is out next week [Nov. 1] and there is a segment on it [of a] battle of the bands covers competition. Grass Widow and Shannon and the Clams are in the first episode, so I am putting a record out of the songs they cover in the show to coincide with it. That way, people who like the covers in the show can buy them.

What songs do you have Shannon & the Clams and Grass Widow covering in the show that will be on the release?
We made Grass Widow cover EMF's "Unbelievable!" I can't believe they did it! It's so good. Then, Shannon & the Clams cover "I Got the Power" by Snap! There are a lot of other things on the horizon that I don't want to mention!

How did you discover the singing prowess of King Khan's daughter, Saba Lou, whose single you is just released?
Well we stayed with her a couple years ago in Berlin and I recorded some songs with her and her sisters. We recorded some answering machine messages! Before we left, her dad gave me a CD of songs she recorded. I listened to it thousands of times and was instantly in love with it. He asked me if I knew any labels that would release it. Once I decided to do my own label, I offered my services.

So, has 11-year-old Saba Lou heard your new "I Vant to Suck Your Cock" single?
I don't know! But I'm about to send them a bunch of records so she probably will. People are kind of giving me shit because I released a child's record and pornographic record on the same day. I was assembling them and I accidentally swapped a bunch of the records. I put the kid's one in the porno sleeve and vise versa. I realized I had done it before I sent them, I think.

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