E-40 Remakes "Function" Into an S.F. Giants Postseason Anthem, Because Duh

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Obviously an S.F. Giants postseason run wouldn't be nearly as fun without a suitably themed local rap song to go along with it. So here, fulfilling that need, is the great Bay Area rapper E-40, remaking the ubiquitous "Function" into a team anthem that shouts out pretty much every orange-wearing S.F. baseballer you love to be tortured by. Admittedly, "Giants out here tryna win somethin" isn't quite as instantly grippy as "We out here tryna function," but hey, if it brings us a victory in NLCS Game 2 tonight (5 p.m. West Coast time!), you won't hear us complaining.

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Here, a few of Earl Forty Water's funnier turns of phrase:

"When they learn that the Panda's returned, here's the pitch to Pablo -- boom, Panda-monium ensues!"

"Joaquin Arias, looking like Kobe. Playin' like a Jedi knight -- Obi Wan Kenobi."

"It's the return of our man, Lincecum -- but you they don't get another run."

And here's the song. Go Giants.

-- @iPORT

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