Five Musical Couples That Should Collaborate

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Yesterday, we sighed and felt warm and fuzzy inside when angel-faced pixie Brit Ellie Goulding revealed that she'd love to make an album with her boyfriend, Skrillex, with whom she shares a hairstyle. Adorable! We'd like to take a moment to actively encourage both parties to make this happen, not only because we think it'd sound great, but also because ever since Bey and Jay-Z got together on "Crazy in Love," we've become obsessed with seeing musical couples performing together. Most of them get around to it eventually, but a few pesky pairs have yet to bother. Here are the five we'd most like to see happen.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale


These two have been married 10 whole years and we only ever see them together in the tabloids or on red carpets. What's up with that, Gavwen? We'd like to see this couple collaborate musically, because: (a) We think Rossdale could tone down Stefani's irritating ragga tendencies, and (b) We're pretty sure it would up Gavin's musical profile, which frankly, could use some help at this juncture. Come on, you two! You're so cute together! You made babies! Now make this work!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez


Yes, yes, it would be the most irritating pop song ever written (and really, that's a helluva category to top), but, in our minds, these two aren't real humans yet. Just merely cartoons invented by Disney and YouTube and placed next to each other in exotic locations, to give the nation's teens an unrealistically high expectation about what they're supposed to look like. Maybe if they made a song together and we saw them interact properly, we might believe they were real.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Well, clearly, this one can't ever happen, given that one of them's dead and the other one's almost entirely mental. But, imagine, if you will, a parallel universe in which Kurt had stayed alive and Courtney had stayed awesome and think of what they could've achieved together in a collaboration, with their matching voices and matching guitar shred-ery and matching couldn't-give-a-fuck-ness. Sadly, the above scrappy footage of them dicking around together is all we'll ever have. Oh the humanity.

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um, Michael Penn & Aimee Mann? Or aren't they high-profile enough?

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