David Byrne Spotted -- But Not Photographed -- Hanging Out in the Mission

Christopher Victorio
"Tomorrow, I shall go to the pirate store at 826 Valencia": David Byrne on Monday night at the Orpheum.
It's always fun to see where musical celebrities will venture in San Francisco. After a fantastic show with young collaborator Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) at the Orpheum Theatre on Monday night, Talking Heads frontman David Byrne apparently spent much of Tuesday hanging out around the Mission and Bernal Heights, killing time before his evening talk at City Arts and Lectures.

Byrne was spotted by several sources, as the ever-vigilant Bernalwood recounted today. He apparently wasn't photographed, but there are enough credible sources reporting this that we're just going to ignore the usual "pics or it didn't happen" rule. First to Tweet about it was NYT Magazine contributer Jon Mooallem, who said he saw Byrne on Bernal Hill's Cortland Avenue.

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Byrne's presence in the general Mission-Bernal vicinity was confirmed later by the folks at 826 Valencia:

Also yesterday, another NYT writer in the area, Malia Wollan, chimed in with more Byrne info:

Bernalwood chalks up the lack of presence-proving pics to some general politeness among the neighborhood's residents: "Alas, no one got any photos of David Byrne on Cortland, because the denizens of Cortlandia prefer to play it cool -- which is great for Bernal's street cred, but bad for our paparazzi."

But frankly, we're amazed that David Byrne could meander through the streets of San Francisco in broad daylight without pictures appearing somewhere on the Internet. We stalk Zuck's every dietary fancy -- obsessing over where he lives and eats -- but can't be bothered to surreptitiously snap one of the post-punk greats when he visits our town? Losing your edge, San Francisco, losing your edge.

(But hey, if you DID get pictures of Byrne on the streets of S.F. yesterday, we'd love it if you'd send 'em our way! We'll give you credit, hugs, gratitude, etc.)

[h/t to Bernalwood and the above Tweeters.]

See also:
* David Byrne and St. Vincent Take Love This Giant to New Heights at the Orpheum, 10/15/12

-- @iPORT

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A photo of Byrne hanging out in the Mission will be posted tomorrow at exactly 7 AM on www.pasunautre.com

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