Billie Joe Armstrong Debuts on 'The Voice', Doesn't Say Much

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Tyler Golden/NBC
Billie Joe Armstrong on the Voice
You won't be seeing a lot of Billie Joe Armstrong in person these days -- the Green Day singer is currently in rehab working on some substance abuse issues. But the Oakland rocker's pretaped appearances on NBC singing competition the Voice began airing last night, giving us a first look at how the pop-punk frontman will help out Christina Aguilera's team

Being on a pop-focused show like the Voice was always going to be a little awkward for Armstrong, who, as he explained in an interview, took more inspiration from singers like Paul Westerberg and Johnny Rotten than Mariah Carey or, well, Christina Aguilera. In his first role as a mentor last night, Armstrong helped Aguilera coach contestans De'Borah and Nelly's Echo through the Police's "Message in a Bottle" -- although he didn't really help much at all, because they didn't need it. His presence was at least acknowledged, though: De'Borah, who won the first battle round, mentioned American Idiot as a big inspiration to her.

Still, though, given Armstrong's sort of hyped presence on the voice, we were hoping he'd make more of a splash. Maybe later? And given that this season's other mentors are pop figures like Rob Thomas and Michael Buble, we're very, very curious to hear what Armstrong's singing advice will be.

You can see Armstrong kinda-sorta contribute in last night's full episode, and watch a video where he talks about his musical background and Green Day's three new albums below.

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