Happy Halloween! Now Here's 5 Singers You Shouldn't Dress Up As

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It's that magical time of year once again, where the entire nation leaves the house looking ridiculous on purpose! Yay! Occasionally, Halloween costumes based on musicians border on genius -- like Sum 41's Deryck Whibley and his girlfriend Ari Cooper hitting a party a few days ago dressed like Deryck's ex-wife, Avril Lavigne and her new fiance, the ever-hateable Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. Ballsy, hilarious and quite the statement, we applaud this wholeheartedly. Sadly though, dressing up like most musicians is usually incredibly boring and obvious. Here are some singers you absolutely, positively, should not even think about dressing up as for that party tonight.

1. Amy Winehouse

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First of all, this shit was totally lazy when everyone started doing it a few years ago. The fact that it was also an excuse for a bunch of lame straight-laced chicks to wear tattoos for a night so they could feel like bad girls for a minute just made it infinitely worse. Now, frankly, not only is it obvious and passe, it's also in bad taste. The woman is dead. And she was really young. And we miss her artistry and incredible voice. It is way too soon to go dressing up like her you so can go get drunk. That is what killed her, y'know. Sheesh.

2. PSY


Why would you want to be this person? Even for one night? Seriously.

3. Lady Gaga

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The only time it is acceptable to dress up like Lady Gaga is when you are gay, male, and at a Pride parade. The male part is the most important part of that sentence, because when ladies try to be Gaga for Halloween, it just makes them look a bit desperate and awkward. If you love Lady Gaga and want to honor her in some way, do as she does and dress like her every goddamn day. Now, that would be a statement. Or make a meat dress made of actual meat -- that requires so much effort and so many compromises to personal hygiene, we'd have to give you props regardless.

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