The Top 5 Best Music Videos That Feature Puppets

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Fact: puppets are awesome. Second fact: puppets become even more awesome when you stick them in music videos. Which is what all these smart people did. Here are our top five favorite puppet-related music videos.

5. "Keep Fishin'," Weezer

Find us a human that doesn't feel joy when watching The Muppets and we'll show you a dead man. Weezer utilizes all our old Muppet favorites here beautifully -- Kermit and Gonzo headbanging in band shirts; Animal taking over on drums because Patrick Wilson has been kidnapped by Miss Piggy; the Swedish chef saving the day. This is all good stuff, which is probably why this is the happiest Rivers Cuomo has ever looked. Is it just us, or does he bear a striking resemblance to Kermit? 

4. "Alfie," Lily Allen

In the U.K., Lily Allen's little brother Alfie is a celebrity in his own right. Over here, he's best known by nerds as Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones. Either way, it's miraculous anybody ever gave him a job after his sister wrote a song about what a lazy, weed-smoking waste of space he was. The joy of the video for "Alfie" is that the puppet rendition of him is a bug-eyed, strung out, bird-flipping, butt-flashing, face-punching, moon-walking, masturbating nightmare. But c'mon: Everybody likes masturbating puppets.

3. "Do It Anyway," Ben Folds Five

Words cannot express the joy and overwhelming nostalgia we felt when we saw this video for the first time yesterday. Fraggles. Actual Fraggles! Sweet Jesus, they're awesome. And here we get to see them breaking into a Rob Corddry-run Ben Folds Five recording session after the walls of Fraggle Rock start crumbling under the weight of the music upstairs. We particularly like Red's slow-mo stage dive and the "Boy Gorg" tattoo and T-shirt. It's a side note, but we'd forgotten just how much Mokey reminded us of Bea Arthur -- thanks for the reminder, BFF.

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ummmm masta ace- just rhyming with the biz. you are  an idiot.


What the freak!  No "Touch of Grey" by the Grateful Dead?


@Raemondjjjj I love how doozers made the lovely glass structures and fraggles munched on them :D


@sarahlethbridge There was always something really satisfying about Fraggle glass munching. :)

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