Mega_Lo Selects Five of His Favorite Bay Area Electro Records

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MegaLo brings the bass to 222 Hyde this Saturday.
It might not be such a dirty word these days, but electro sure had its problems in the late-'00s. Back then it was somehow appropriated to describe any MP3 below 120 BPM that stunk of Ed Banger. Yet, while some may have gotten confused, DJ Mega_Lo has always known the true meaning of the word electro: speaker shredding electronic funk with roots in Detroit and Miami. As a part of the Party Effects collective, he worked to ensure that there was a constant stream of electro music in the Bay Area, albeit with an odd performance-art twist.

Nowadays he's still at it with with Mega_Lo Mobile, a project dedicated to tracks created entirely on smartphone. You can catch him live this Saturday, at 222 Hyde, for Electro Basement Series #1, Ha├žeteria and OK Hole's new electro-oriented party. To get ready for the party, we asked Mega_Lo to send over five of his favorite Bay Area electro records.

"Da M-Pire [+BONUS BEAT 2009]," by Knightz Of Bass

"Bay Area electro sounds have been pretty scarce, but they have always made cameos in the Bay Area Freestyle and Scratch scenes. Bomb Hip-Hop Records, who have ties to the Bay Area scratch and B-boy scenes, put out Germany's Knights Of Bass album Reborn in 2001. Nice, classic electro styles."

"Time," by Sir Elegance

"I'll buy any '90s-'00s dance music break comp on first sight, especially if it has the South Bay's Sir Elegance's name on it. He's made dozens of dope electro break tracks, but none of them are on the net ... yet. It's the perfect sound for the South Bay Power mix DJ style. He put out "Time" in 2009, and it features freestyle singer Adriana. Bay Area Freestyle fans will know her from "Until Tomorrow," which is also produced by Sir Elegance. His real name's Manuel, and I heard he's a real nice guy."

"Super Seal Side B second Beat," by Q-bert

"The Greatest Bay Area Electro Beat so far has got to be the second beat on side B of DJ Qbert's Super Seal scratch record. So simple, but easy to listen to for hours. Hard electro hi-hat pattern, distorted reverse sub-bass, and the haunting insect noises. I played my copy so many times it sounds soft and hissy like it was in a 2001 ITF routine or something."

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