Friends of Nicki?: Five Black Musicians Who Supported Republicans

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You've probably already heard about Nicki Minaj's Mitt Romney-related lyrics, in which she claimed she was going to vote for the Republican presidential candidate. So, did she mean it? Was she being ironic? Is this a publicity stunt? The only thing we know for sure is that the online furor over this was gargantuan and we can't help but wonder if the shock has a little something to do with Ms. Minaj's skin tone.

Last week, The Daily Show's RNC coverage pointedly mocked the fact that black Republicans are few and far between, with correspondent Jessica Williams running around the Convention hall frantically asking passersby "Excuse me! Have you seen any black people?" When she finally found one, she forced him to stand still and demanded they: "count any black people we see, aside from ourselves. They cannot be janitors, and they cannot work here, okay?" (They found two.)

But, despite the ultra-whiteness of the contemporary Republican party, we recently discovered that GOP-supporting African-Americans do exist -- even in the music industry! Here are five black Republican-voting musicians that might surprise you.

James Brown

james brown.jpg

Mesmerizing, isn't it? We know what you're thinking: Just because James Brown met President Richard Nixon once and had a photo taken, it doesn't mean he was a card-carrying Republican, right? Wrong! Brown openly endorsed Nixon in the 1968 and 1972 elections. As if that wasn't batshit crazy enough, Brown told Rolling Stone in 1999 that Strom Thurmond -- that racist senator who opposed civil rights legislation throughout the 1950s and '60s -- was a "hero" of his. Cuckoo!

LL Cool J


If Jessica Williams and The Daily Show had been at the Republican National Convention in 2004, they could've included LL Cool J in their African-American head count because, yes, he was in attendance that year. That was two years after he'd endorsed New York Republican Governor George Pataki for re-election. Fear not, though, ladies. He told Piers Morgan earlier this year that he was an independent now. Phew!

Sammy Davis, Jr.

sammy d j.jpg

Don't hate Sammy too much for this. He was actually a Democrat for his entire life, except when it came to Richard Nixon, with whom he ultimately ended up being super tight buds (see awkward embrace above). They even had a little White House sleepover at one point. Which is more bizarre than we can bear to think about. What the hell did they talk about, for crying out loud?

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you guys dont understand that these artists are owned and they are advertising...their actual beliefs politically or otherwise is unimportant. they do what the fat man says. ILLUMINATI MUSIC INDUSTRY...betta ask somebody!

Michael Knight
Michael Knight

... ignorance always includes an impressive wtf aspect ...

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