Lil B Releases Rock Song "California Boy," Proves He Still Has the Ability to Surprise

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After declaring that he's God, he's gay, he's Justin Bieber, he's Jesus, and he's an NYU lecturer, Berkeley rap provocateur Lil B is now out to try and be something else: a rock 'n' roller.

Based God's latest leg-puller is "California Boy," a parodic but somewhat credible acoustic-electric rock song that -- apart from B's voice and perhaps the gold teeth -- could stand in for a particularly tepid Goo Goo Dolls or Gin Blossoms B-side.

That is, if the Goo Goos or the Gin Blossoms ever wrote couplets like, "So much love is in the air/ Just go take a look outside/ Peace is the only thing that we can do/ And all we can do is try."

So yeah, it's not a masterpiece -- although it's way better as rock than some of B's previous attempts at rapping. But even given the comical lyrics and the wrote-this-in-23-seconds chorus (hint: he's just a California boy), Lil B is being more savvy than careless here (or maybe savvy-carless?), trying on enough guitar-band cliches so that -- while it's obviously a joke on some level -- he's thoroughly donned the mantle of "rocker." How serious is he? We'll find out soon, because "California Boy" is apparently just the first single off an upcoming Lil B rock album, the thought of which nearly makes us giddy. Until then, enjoy the video, where B goes and hangs out with a bunch of boys and girls at Cal Berkeley:

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thank you basedgod for this rare art

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