Jello Shots, Cut-Off T-Shirts, and Rushing the Stage: What Happens When 89 Cougars Go To a Def Leppard Concert in Concord

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Not usually one to draw attention to myself, I was little taken aback by the comments and stares our "Def Cougar" T-shirts elicited. At one point, my friend and I were cornered in the bathroom. "Please can I take a photo of you two in your shirts?" pleaded a woman in acid-washed jeans. "I'd love to get my hands on one of those shirts."

When Def Leppard came on, a group of about 20 of our Cougars tried to rush the stage, only to be pushed back by a dozen or so security guards. "I keep smiling thinking of a bunch of 40-year-old moms who appeared threatening enough to be chased down by Sleep Pavilion Security," said Shannon Donohoe, an Alameda schoolteacher, later.

While a lot of the audience was standing for the most of the show, "Photograph," "Rock of Ages," and "Pour Some Sugar on Me" had nearly everyone on their feet belting out the words.

By the time we boarded the buses for the ride back to Alameda, the moms were already talking about plans for next year's Def Cougar night. And clearly, the night had been about more than the show. In an email to the group the day after the concert, Amy Garcia recounted her conversation with her eight-year-old son (a drummer) over breakfast that morning. He said: "Mom, what did you think of Def Leopard's drummer? Can you believe he can play like that with only one arm?" Her response: "The drummer only has one arm?"

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