The Mac Dre Thizz Face Mask Is Here, Just in Time To Go Dumb For Halloween

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It could be yours, maybe.
Halloween is just around the corner, and your winning costume has arrived: It's the Mac Dre thizz face mask, a $29.99 piece of rubber and fake hair shaped just like the face made by late Bay Area rap great Mac Dre while thizzin'. (White, extra-large T-shirt not included.)

Thizzin', not that we should have to remind you, is Bay Area slang for the state of being high on Ecstasy. And it is widely known that Mac Dre made the best thizz face of all time.

Hence the mask. We can't quite vouch for its legitimacy as a product yet -- we'll update this if we get more info -- but there's a pretty hilarious webpage selling these things with the pre-Halloween timing obviously in mind. And in case you want to make your own thizz face sans mask, here are some guidelines via Urban Dictionary:

A proper thizz face includes one's teeth grinding together or having their mouth closed. The facial expression is often compared to the one in which a person smells urine.

Or, as it was explained in Ruckus magazine in 2005:


Which should help explain this:


[Mac Dre Thizz Face Mask]

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