Bay Area Rappers Remake 50 Cent's "How to Rob" With a Misogynist Twist

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Messy Marv and J-Diggs stick up women in "211 on a Industry Nigga."
San Francisco-bred rapper Messy Marv and J-Diggs, president of Vallejo's embattled Thizz Entertainment, have just released "211 on a Industry Nigga," a remake of 50 Cent's 2002 debut single "How to Rob." Both call out specific rap and R&B stars -- many of the same names, in fact -- and detail how they would steal from them. But Messy Marv and J-Diggs mainly target female subjects, a conscious attempt to make this song concept a lot more shocking than the original.

"We only robbing these bitches 'cuz 50 robbed all the rappers," they say at the top of the song before starting to target their victims, who include Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj, Trina, and Foxy Brown (the latter hasn't yet recovered from being bodied in 50's original).

Their lyrical fury knows no religious boundaries: Not even gospel stars Yolanda Adams and Mary Mary are safe from this sonic stick-up.

The Bay Area rappers, who have real-life rap sheets, turn up the fantasized criminal activity a notch here too, rapping out more than just robberies. Like these lines: "My moves is fishy, my palms is itchy/ Tell Drake and Chris that Rihanna is missing/ She hanging with pimping, I'm robbing her pockets/ I heard she like to get slapped so I'm all in her noggin."

Oh, dear.

[Hat tip to Thizzler]

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