Worst New Song of the Week: No Doubt's "Push and Shove"

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Last Wednesday, Ryan Seacrest had the dubious honor of premiering No Doubt's new single, "Push and Shove," on his radio show. Before we subject you to this clusterfuck of a song, please take into account the fact that bassist Tony Kanal recently told Rolling Stone that the track was No Doubt's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Talk about raising expectations and tooting your own horn like a massive egomaniac. Let's get this over with.

0.07: "Push and Shove" fakes you out at the start with Gwen Stefani's awesome battle cry and two seconds of some nice drums...

0:10: ...and then almost immediately lapses into rapid fire ragga nonsense, that, horrifyingly, makes us think of this 1993 "classic":

If you say you can't see the resemblance between "Push and Shove" and "Informer," your pants are on fire.

0:13: "Can you come out and play, maybe tick taaa"? What the fuck is she saying?

0:31: "Hustler, hustler, hustler". This thing is getting dumber by the second.

0:45: Of course, Gwen Stefani can't get through an entire song without making an animal sound. Of course she can't.

0:53: Major shift in tempo. We've gone from irritatingly fast ragga to emotional balladry, with barely a breath between. We assume this is the bit Tony Kanal thinks qualifies "Push and Shove" as a "Bohemian Rhapsody" equivalent. It doesn't, mate. Not even a little bit. You can't just change the speed of a song in the middle and think you've created a work of genius.

1:24: Gratuitous Major Lazer appearance.

1:44: "Just when you think it's over, we be on another level like we're doing yoga." Congratulations, No Doubt, you are now contenders for writing one of the worst lines ever committed to song.

1:54: There's that weird emo chorus again.

2:35: Is this the bridge? We think this is the bridge. Why is it that, even after listening to her for, like, 20 years, Gwen Stefani's affectations and weird pronunciations are just as irritating now as they were when we first heard No Doubt? Why can't she make normal words happen with her mouth? It's like an obscure form of Tourette's or something.

2:51: This whiny chorus thing is getting really old now.

3:22: Busy Signal joins in and "Push and Shove" becomes listenable for the first time. Sadly, 30 seconds of good stuff at the end cannot excuse what we've just been subjected to. No Doubt fans may lap this up, but truthfully, this song is fucking mess.     

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this song is really catchy while retaining No Doubt's sound. This writer is a total hater! We all have different tastes be she seems to have it out for this band... lol


I'm pretty sure that's not Major Lazer at 1:24 it's actually Busy Signal. Major Lazer just produced it. I hope you don't think Diplo is a singer....lol....Do you know even know Major Lazer? Do you even know Diplo? LOL it is very sad you a criticizing music when you don't even know who is doing what. This song is amazing and your knowledge of music FAILS.


And for your info buddy no doubt likes to do dif shit. They aren't lame and boring like other artist out there.your problem lame and boring as well. Buy their albums u idiot and educate yourself on some No Doubt




When you write like a teen girl texting you shouldn't tell others to educate themselves.



Whoever wrote this is an idiot. If u know what ska and dub is, u wouldnt have wrote what u wrote. This isn't fucking ragga it's ska and dub modernized. Get your facts str8 buddy. I skank to this song everyday it's so amazing. How dare u compare it to snow some nerves.


There were much better when they were at least a little ska. As little as it was This sounds the same as every other song on a Clear Channel Playlist. Same crappy pseudo techno electronic beats as everything else I bet Sublime would not being "pushing and shoving crapola like this had Bradley not bitten the dust

kanyeworst like.author.displayName 1 Like

oh sad sack "journalist", you poor thing!  you must be having an even darker day than usual.   it must feel good to be known as the person who does the "worst" lists.  does that depressing rain cloud follow you around everywhere?


marc_hogan like.author.displayName 1 Like

From one music critic to another: I'm guessing you weren't sent a WAV by Interscope. The general consensus at Pitchfork is so good that they're considering a write-up, and I haven't enjoyed a No Doubt single this much since "Sunday Morning."


Like all no doubt songs it sucks.


How is this chick able to write about music? She likes Kanye West and Good Charlotte.


jamessmurrow like.author.displayName 1 Like


pinklady88 like.author.displayName 1 Like

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions... but you Mr. can kiss my ass! Sure the lyrics are psycho, and the the song is all over the place..but that's No Doubt and that's why we love them! Stfu with your self!

Sph1984 like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

Also as a journalist, you should have LISTENED to the FULL version on Itunes, nearly a minute longer with more verses. You're just quick to spew out that bitter hate. And this sounds NOTHING like Snow's "Informer" and that's where your credibility is lost because you have none.

JulioCortez like.author.displayName 1 Like

Take another sip of that Haterade. No Doubt's comeback will save pop radio from the bullshit playing on the radio 24/7.

AreYouKidding like.author.displayName 1 Like

This article is such utter tripe. What a waste of an article. Taking it "point by point" is so lame. No Doubt has been doing something different on the pop radar for decades and you're bringing them down for what?


What editor approved this terrible piece? You should be ashamed for making journalism what it is today.

kierajuku94 like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

This is a terrible article. No doubt had been working hard, and to devote a whole article on putting down their song is pathetic. Music is a matter of opinion, and to write a rather unprofessional article on how "horrible" it is disgusting to me! Watch No Doubt take over this year!

scartissue1997 like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

This song is better than that Nicki Minaj bullshit. But you people seem to think that shit's genious. "Push and Shove" is fucking amazing.

joseph1239 like.author.displayName 1 Like

same crappy writer spewing her usual hate for no doubt.  so predictable.  the only surprise here is that she still has a job.  

rob.pilla like.author.displayName 1 Like

Well it's not half obvious that the writer of this review has been anti No Doubt for a long while.Biased much? 

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