Watch: Young L and Sea of Bees Channel The Burning Man Spirit in 'Automated Oceans'

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Young L warns that it'll be dusty on the playa.
With his frequent non sequitur songs and videos, Lil B typically takes the top honors for being the most out there member of the Pack, the Oakland-based rap group that he, Young L, Lil Uno, and Young Stunna formed in high school. But Young L, the Pack's producer, has been quietly pushing even more esoteric music and visuals through the universe, as evidenced by his new video for "Automated Oceans," a leftfield collaboration with local queer indie folk artist Sea of Bees that's taken from his free mixtape Enigma Theory.

If you're not all ready for Burning Man next week (or at least ready for the Burners* to evacuate the city), the desert setting in this video will get you right in the spirit. Pills are popped right up top in this mini-movie. Everyone's talking about Molly these days, of course, but these pills are big enough to border on Quaalude territory.

After they're popped, the she-creatures arrive, looking suspiciously stolen off a Black Rock City set. The soundtrack is woozy, all plinking keys and morphing high tones of Sea of Bees' fragile voice singing lines like, "Tell me something I can believe."

Young L's raps break through the psychedelic haze. He alternates from typical rap boasts of balling and fucking to wishing his mother could live comfortably, all while sucking smoke from a pink flower pipe.

*Burners, please to spare us the commentary on how this doesn't look exactly like the playa. You're awfully good at pretending stuff, so just go with us on this, okay?

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