Wallpaper Takes a Drunken Ride Through the Pop Landscape on "Puke My Brains Out"

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The party never stops at Ricky Reed's apartment. Having gotten so "Stupidfacedd" that he's become "Best Friends Everr" with a cadre of vodka-swilling, Red Bull-gulping, bathroom-floor-crashing, roomate's-girlfriend-fucking, Mom's-minivan-driving wasteaways, we are now -- finally -- at the point where Ricky Reed is ready to "Puke My Brains Out." So, yes, we're still talking about partying in Wallpaper.'s first single as a bona fide major label artist. (We may always be talking about partying when it comes to Wallpaper.) And now we're partying at the point of cranial meltdown, judging from the lyrics:

Prescription addiction to internet porn
Generation of the living dead trying to get born
Out the inbox vagina, the zombie inside ya
Clawing at the walls of your stomach in light of the
Stimulation overload BORING BORING BORING

We're inclined to feel sympathetic toward anyone who's inner monologue actually resembles that. But it gets even more hyper: On "Puke My Brains Out," the former Oakland resident races through more disparate musical territory in a shorter time than we've ever heard before.

The song begins with a punk-like acceleration of guitars before landing in a giant bouncy house of bass. Soon it winds up into a cheesy house-type climax-builder before arriving yet again at a trunk-rattling chorus, this time with shamelessly poppy background vocals. The effect is familiar yet bewildering: It's like Ricky Reed took an E-fueled magic carpet ride across the pop landscape of 2012 and folded it all into into one beat.

This beat is garish, hugely compressed, and almost annoyingly loud in contrast to other elements of the song, which is maybe the point? Wallpaper. is about everyday maximalism -- the seeking of it and the after-effects of it -- and "Puke My Brains Out," with its gross-out TMI title, booze-addled lyrics, and thrusting hard-on of a beat -- is as potent a realization of that as this project has yet delivered.

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