Watch: The Myonics Don't Give a Fuck About You, But You Should Maybe Give a Fuck About Them

"Nope, sorry, just don't give a fuck."
Hey, guess what: The Myonics don't give a fuck about you! But you should maybe give a fuck, or at least two minutes and nine seconds, about them. The Myonics, by the way, are a thoroughly weird San Francisco rock band. They just released their first-ever video, for a comically poppy and slightly damaged song called, yes, "I Don't Give a Fuck About You." The song itself is both breezily melodic (you'll wanna sing along, kiddies!) and charmingly distressed, meaning that there are points when little angry tornadoes of distortion threaten to consume its jangly prettiness. Then the prettiness comes back, because the whole thing is anchored around a slackery refrain of "I Don't Give a Fuck About You," sung in Jasper Leach's nasal deadpan, which is fun. Fans of Ariel Pink, Guided by Voices, early Pavement -- and anyone who's heard and liked fellow S.F. freaks the Symbolick Jews -- this is for you.

In the video, the members stroll through S.F., carouse in the fog at a dead-end street, and play inside their dirty garage. If that sounds all very home and basic, it is, but it's also great fun:

The Myonics just played at the Knockout, and are on a West Coast tour now.

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