The Top Six Parties This Weekend, at 222 Hyde, BeatBox, Elbo Room, and More

Tiger & Woods are not exactly the most photogenic DJ duo.
With everyone gone off to Burning Man, I almost feel like I'm writing this preamble for the benefit of some rag-tag group of post-apocalyptic survivors. You know the drill: "If you're reading this message, then chances are you made it to the fallout shelter. Since you may be consumed by a tribe of radiation-deranged surface dwellers, we've left you with a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew, 30 cases of C-rations, and some re-runs of The Cosby Show on VHS." Well, maybe it's not that bad. Definitely not that bad. Actually, it's pretty good. So good, in fact, that we've decided to rank this list of ours so as to better appeal to your basic desire for structure and hierarchy. Wait, what? Read on -- your weekend awaits.

6. Blasthaus presents The Field @ Mighty
Friday, Aug. 31, 10 p.m. - 4 a.m.

Look back on the collected discography of Axel Willner (aka The Field) and you'll find a slow moving arc of lush and almost inhabitable soundscapes. His three studio albums have so far managed to pull together aspects of minimal techno, shoegaze, and ambient music to create a sound that's both relaxing and emotionally intense at the same time. Listen to "Night," "Looping State of Mind", and "Kappsta". Now, Willner is headed to Mighty this Friday to perform his material live with a full band in tow. DJ support comes by way of Portable Sunsets, who you can get a feel for by way of this website full of mixes.

5. Dub Mission's 16th Anniversary @ Elbo Room
Sunday, Sept. 2, 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.

What to say about Dub Mission beyond the fact that it's one of the city's oldest still-going parties? Well, for one thing, in this case, age certainly doesn't translate to a loss in taste. In its long existence, Dub Mission has been a tireless promoter of all things sweet, smokey, and dub-related. This Sunday marks a continuation of that tradition, as Dub Mission eases into year 16 to the slow-moving fanfare of flying cymbals and brain-massaging bass tones. Resident DJs Sep, Ludachris, and Vinnie Esparza will keep the reggae crowd jumping -- as they do every Sunday -- with a dancefloor-ready combo of favorites and obscurities. And, to make 16 a good year, the party's bringing down Seattle-based toaster Mista Chatman to get "lively pon di mic throughout the evening." Sounds pretty good to us.

4. #Trustme @ Amnesia
Saturday, Sept. 1, 10 p.m. - 2 a.m.

What do you know? It's an all-new party with some familiar faces. Though it's not exactly set up for dance music, Amnesia has long acted as a haven for Mission-based fans of four-on-the-floor rhythms. With a nice lineage behind it, #Trustme follows in the tradition of similarly minded parties at Amnesia like 2 Men Will Move You, OK Hole, and I Can't Feel My Face (well, back before it moved, anyway). It's a pretty simple but effective setup with no big name guests. That's not the focus; instead it's all about the music and vibe, with three local DJs that know what they're doing: Primo from 2 Men Will Move You, Nonamoan from the Body Current crew (check out the Strictly4TheeDancers5amMixxx), and producer/epically dexterous DJ Mega_Lo (check out "Disco Extacy"). As it says on the party's Facebook event page, "It's gonna be a BLAST!!! TRUST ME."

3. Odyssey @ Public Works
Saturday, Sept. 1, 10 p.m. - 4 a.m.

People who stay out all night dancing tend to use terms like "odyssey" and "journey" when referring to their experiences. Yeah, sure, a lot of that stuff is hyperbole, but sometimes it's the only way to describe what's going on. And, in the case of Robin Simmons' Odyssey parties, it's entirely warranted. Long an underground thing with a cult following, Simmons is now in the process of moving out from the shadows and into a more accessible location. For this, its inaugural above-ground event, Odyssey is taking over the main room at Public Works with a crew of familiar faces. As always, the soundtrack will veer towards the house and disco side of things, with selections by P.Play, Stanley Frank, Doc Sleep, Sergio Fedasz, and even Simmons himself. Also, Donovan Drummond will be on hand to provide old-school psychedelic visual accompaniment with his trippy LightsOut Lightshow. Oh yeah, and if you get hungry, we hear there'll be someone slinging some gourmet paninis onsite.

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