Top 10 Reasons Bay Area Indie Bands Move to Brooklyn

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Trade the Bay Area for this?
Bay Area bands move to Brooklyn. It's just a thing that happens. You've got your Morning Benders (ahem, POP ETCs), your Royal Baths, and now S.F. gloom-gaze outfit Weekend trading Oakland (formerly S.F.) for the hallowed grounds of Williamsburg or Bushwick or Greenpoint or wherever. But why? Why do they leave the lovely Bay Area for the nation's alleged cultural capital? Why trade the stench of bum shit on S.F. sidewalks for the reek of bum piss in the subway tunnels of NYC? More to the point: Why do they leave the land of holy burritos? Good question. Here are the top 10 reasons Bay Area indie bands move to Brooklyn.

10. They just read that USA Today article about how Brooklyn is "hip" now.

9. Living in the second-most expensive city in the country just doesn't offer enough to stay moody about.

Can't stop... gotta get away...
8. Gettin' fat off all those Mission burritos, ya know?

7. More likely to get covered by VICE. Duh.

6. Tired of S.F.'s foggy, windy summers, they think it'll be fun to actually freeze during the winters instead.

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Have fun at the "indie scene" in Brooklyn... here in the Bay we dance a little different. SF City til I die!!

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