Top 20 Reasons Why [Your Favorite Musical Artist] Is the Worst

Go here for the T-shirt, haters.

20. Songs
They write songs. Songs just suck. Songs are vapid and stupid and tired and derivative and corny and boring and stuff. Why do they even bother making songs? They should just do something else already. Jeez.

19. Some of their songs are even worse than their other songs.
Which just goes to show that they're *actually* really terrible. As in, shit.

18. Pitchfork gave their latest album a 9.2.
Or, wait, was it a 2.9?

17. They're on the radio.
Seriously, who's on the radio?

16. Hipsters like them.
Ugh, hipsters are so dumb OMG.

15. Hipsters think they're lame.

14. Our mom would like them.
Know who else our mom likes? The Eagles. (Hi, Mom!)

13. It's total dad rock.

12. Romney used their song in a campaign.

11. Volkswagen used their song in a campaign.

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