Promising Punk Outfit Synthetic ID Wants to Make You Feel Alienated and Vulnerable

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In the review I wrote of your 7-inch, I likened your guitar tone to other bands who I believe possess very distinct tones. Was that flattering for you?
J: I try and emulate a lot of bands like The Jesus Lizard or The Fall; bands with guitars that are discordant but still have melody.

Would you all wear what you're wearing now on stage?
J: Yeah, why not? I'll wear this to work, to sleep and on stage. Will is the fashion guy, though.
P: Will once told me I had to wear tighter pants on stage. [Laughter.]
W: Paul has an article of clothing that's brilliant. It's a vest that's made out of fur or something, right?
P: It's Mongolian sheep fur. I found it at Goodwill.
W: I've told him to wear it on stage and he's yet to do it.
P: Well I want to sew a back patch on it first. So, I have to figure out what back patch. It's a very big decision, but then when you have that it's hard to accessorize or decide what goes well with it.

How did you arrive at your band name?
N: It was a group effort. We were playing around with words and sounds.
P: "Crucial Vibes Crew" was definitely considered.
N: There was another name that almost happened but we're saving it for a future project. "Static ID" was also considered.

I've heard people say "Synthetic Id" and I won't correct them.
P: Are you a psychology person? I studied psychology in school.

With such a vast knowledge of the human mind, do you use that education to manipulate your band members?
P: Yeah, totally. I can't really talk about how, or else it won't work anymore. It's only in subtle enough ways that they won't pick up on.
W: We usually settle things with fist fights.

What sort of arguments do you get in?
N: What kind of beer we're going to buy.
W: Someone wants a burrito and Nick is vegan.
J: I think we're too old for arguing. Well, you guys are. [Laughter.]
N: We're all best friends, but there is a Thunderdome. We've lost two bass players and a guitarist to the Thunderdome.

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