Even Scalped Outside Lands Tickets Are the Best Festival Deal of the Summer, Experts Say

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If you didn't manage to get Outside Lands tickets before they sold out, and you still want to go the festival, we've got some good news for you: Experts say that even a scalped ticket to the three-day festival this weekend is the best music festival deal of the summer.

The data comes courtesy of SeatGeek, a site that connects buyers to the best deals on secondary ticket marketplaces and tracks reams of information about what different events go for once they've officially sold out. SeatGeek's Will Flaherty tells All Shook Down that of all similar festivals this summer, Outside Lands three-day passes are going for the lowest average price relative to their original value -- $251 compared to the final face price of $225, or about a 10 percent premium.

"In terms of sheer price for a three-day festival, it ranks pretty highly," Flaherty says. He notes that not only are scalped Outside Lands tickets cheap relative to their face value, but, in absolute terms, they're also cheaper than comparable festivals like Lollapalooza or Austin City Limits. Prior to Lollapalooza last weekend, tickets were going for an average of $397 online. Austin City Limits isn't until October, but secondary prices are already averaging $314, according to SeatGeek.

The only festival that may have been a better deal than Outside Lands, Flaherty says, was Bonnaroo, where four-day tickets were going for an average of $304 the week before the festival. "But it's hard to beat Golden Gate Park as a venue on a nice August day, and the overall package of location, lineup, and price leads us to believe that the 2012 Outside Lands festival is likely the best value on the 2012 summer festival schedule," he says.

A few more interesting points from Flaherty and SeatGeek:

Which day of Outside Lands is most popular? Sunday -- it was the first to sell out, and tickets on the secondary market are going for an average of $219, whereas Friday and Saturday tickets are averaging $186 and $199, respectively. Flaherty notes that it may not just be the awesome lineup of Stevie Wonder, Skrillex, and Jack White that has fans excited -- weekend single-day tickets generally tend to go for higher prices. Also, he points out that if you really want to go on Sunday and can go for one other day as well, a three-day pass might be your best deal, considering it's only $30 more than a Sunday single-day ticket.

How does Outside Lands compare with its larger rival to the south? (Well, besides being generally way better?) Coachella passes were going for an average of $444 before the first weekend and $420 before the second weekend, so Outside Lands is a helluva lot cheaper. Of course, we highly doubt you'll see a Tupac hologram at Outside Lands this year.

How does this Outside Lands compare to last year? It's more popular -- the festival sold out in advance for the first time in 2012. Three-day passes to Outside Lands went for an average of $219 in 2011.

When should you buy scalped tickets if you don't have them yet? If you want the best deal, Flaherty says to wait as long as possible -- festival tickets tend to decline in price as the event nears. Resellers get more desperate, and other commitments arise that keep some people from being able to go, so your best deal in the secondary marketplace might come on Thursday or Friday, he says.

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