Noel Gallagher Claims Rock Stardom Will Go Extinct, Apparently Hasn't Heard of Other Forms of Stardom

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Christopher Victorio
Noel Gallagher performing in S.F.
Aw, look: Another one of Oasis' Gallagher brothers uttered a statement that managed to be arrogant, ignorant, and fuddy-duddy all at the same time!

This time it was the elder (and usually saner) one, Noel, speaking to the U.K.'s Sunday Express about the impending die-off of that rare and vital species, the Rock Star:

Rock stardom will die because nobody will make enough money any more to be rock stars. Everybody will be jobbing musicians. It's unbelievable. The music industry has changed beyond all recognition. The music business we signed in to does not exist any more.

Pity the poor rock star! How will our cultural ecosystem recover? Who will we get to trash hotel rooms? And sleep with multiple groupies at the same time? And release bloated records that only sound good if you've been doing coke for three years straight?

Oh, that's right: DJs, pop stars, and rappers.

Granted, the music industry has changed hugely since Oasis' heyday. But many musicians are making rock-star money nowadays -- most of them just aren't rock stars. Some of them are rappers. Some of them are pop singers. A lot of them are DJs. And instead of earning millions shilling plastic discs, these DJs, singers, and rappers make bank by playing huge shows for their fans or licensing songs. The fact that they now have to perform live regularly does not seem to stop them from fornicating with models, doing lots of drugs, wrecking hotel rooms, and conjuring inanely specific requests for their handlers.

How rich are they? Forbes just rounded up a list of the beat jockeys with the fattest wallets, placing Tiesto ($22 million net worth), Skrillex ($15 million), and Swedish House Mafia ($14 million) at the top of the heap. In his latest Rolling Stone cover story, Rick Ross claims to be worth millions. (And on Ross' new album, Jay-Z brags about his $150 million contract with Live Nation.)

While technically these artists don't hold guitars onstage, they certainly occupy the popular imagination in a lot of the same ways that actual rock stars do. So, Noel, don't worry. Guitar-wielding may no longer land you a house in Beverly Hills, but we hear Skrillex parties pretty hard.

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The world is the world. However, I saw Jay-Z live not so long ago. Apart from the bullshit of the media, the nastiness, hate, and good stuff, 1 thing I will take away from music --even if it's changed permanently forever via design or sheer incompetence--is it has been instrumental in bridging the global racial divide. I can only observe the world with various conflicting data and empirical evidence (difficult hahe) thus come to conclusions like you can. Hardware nu-gen is all; lack of encryption from CD's/devices caused downloading to occur as manufacturing was outsourced under western administration. Digital formats are excellent in sonics (I prefer them to vinyl even I buy the souvenir & merch packs to help the artist/label) yet that hasn't helped the 'core' music industry as new models - terminology pertaining to 'transition' has meant diddly shit. It's a shambles right now & the money is with a very few. Gene Simmons was right when mentioning it's impossible for a new band of other genre to make ends meet & tour, regardless of crap on social media upstarts & computer science engineering/meta-analysis projects. I don't care what happens in the future, I have my own life and I'm not a rock star & rock stars aren't fussed as they've played their act on the world stage. Every1 can play on the tv set for fun (thanks to social media which is gr8) or for more serious means, & artists will still tour whether they break the bank (funded from other nations in recession/disaster zones - let's not conspiracy now per criminal tactics of certain organisations) or have futile support. If the only thing you and I take away from music - regardless of 90% of new music being illegal - given the Internet is totally a mess regardless of conspiracy bs, at least it gave, will continue to give, you and I a glimmer of hope for a better world whilst walls of discrimination, injustice and racism are understood better. With pop culture we can advance past previous prisons of humanity. There's not much I can do about the powers that be though, you and I are the loudest audience. Take care

tanguet_nut lots must've change for Skrillex in the last 2 years from this post hey? You said & they say he's worth 15 million. Funny thing on celebrity earnings mentioned "Adam Yauch Aka Mca Net Worth is $75 Million" yet left 6 million to his wife & kid/family..? press bullshits a bit. You'd surmise that Noel is wealthier than those party going producers & cool digital playas. Who cares..? What kind of audience digs in a track "150 million contract" given Africa & Europe's designed & controlled econometrics? I guess it's for a particular audience governed by a banking cartel of foreign powers birthing from folk such as: Nathan Rothschild (1777-1836): "I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply." Re. Sonny 'Moore' or a staunch Catholic, they don't let 'just anyone' play on the stage u know. Rockefeller is reported to have said: "Competition is a sin". "Own nothing. Control everything". Rock n' Roll = politics & social influence. There is freedom of speech only to a certain point, likewise the same goes for democracy. Anyway, who cares - enjoy the music.


Sad but True!!!


And also, as your own idiotic title suggests, he claimed that ROCK stardom was going out. Why be redundant and say he hasn't heard of other forms of stardom. It's these other forms of stardom that he, and most other people who prefer rock can't bloody well stand. Idiotic writing.


What a load! 'There are no good, inventive, talented musical acts to make music and inspire young kids anymore, but that's ok, we've replaced them with two-bit shit pop singers whose droll music generally sounds the same. If this is the musical landscape you envision, i shed a tear for our children. The rockstars you dismiss so easily are infinitely more influential and better to listen to than these 'stars' today. What star you've listed will be talked about in 10 years, aside from maybe Jay-Z? Get a life you boring twit.

DtotheD 1 Like

Dude, none of those people you listed have even close to the kind of money rock stars used to have. To the rock and roll elite of the past, 15 mil was walking around money, and that's before you even figure in inflation. Hell, even Noel came too late to the game of huge rock and roll bucks and he's worth 50-60 million, and thats after selling over 70 million albums and being the brains behind the biggest live band in the world since U2. So basically... He's right and you're just another clueless, talentless, wannabe journalist on the internet.


Noel is interesting and is making the best music of the year- anywhere. Just shut up and listen. Sure, there are bigger, hotter acts, but they're played out and boring.

Sonny_Gill 1 Like

This article is such a load. How can you even compare rockstars like the Gallaghers to popstars? Rock doesn't deserve to die out, the people are in it for the love of music whereas the popstars are in it for only one purpose, money. Also rockstars write and produce ALL their own music plus they never mime, while popstars have their music written and produced  for them and mime at every given opportunity. What outlines this point and a reason why I respect rockstars such as Noel so much is that Noel turned down the chance to sing at the Olympics closing ceremony because he refused to mime Wonderwall #respect

bithits 2 Like

whoever wrote this is a douche. don't ever say anything bad about the gallagher brothers again.

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