Green Day's "Oh Love" Video: "Let's Get a Bunch of Models and Bore Them With Our New Song!"

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So far we've heard two songs off the upcoming trio of Green Day albums, one pretty good ("Kill the DJ") and one pretty mediocre ("Oh Love"). For some reason the band decided to make a video for the latter. Their apparent strategy: Collect a handful of lithe vixens, dress them up in ridiculous Sexy Woman costumes and makeup, and leave them to purr, writhe, and look only marginally entertained while the members of Green Day play their new bonehead pop-rock single inside a graffiti-covered rehearsal space.

We cannot account for the thinking behind this, because when the models don't appear to be trying out for a Maybelline commercial, they look pretty bored. And you know who else is bored? Us. With this song -- whose riff has been previously written anyone who's ever picked up an electric guitar for 15 minutes -- and with this video, which seems aggressively devoid of anything compelling besides bare, taut flesh and mouths hanging open all suggestively. But even the ladies look bored! And we can't blame them, because watching two married 40-year-olds (and one single 39-year-old) pound out a comically elemental riff and a bubblegum pop chorus just isn't that interesting:

"Oh Love" does come with one of those choruses you'll never be able to forget after hearing it three times, but when it's this chorus, that might not be a good thing. At the end of the video, when the ladies faintly cheer and one of them shares a spaghetti noddle with Billie Joe, we detect a strong sense of relief.

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