Should the Eagle Tavern Become a Historic Landmark?

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Oh-Sees-eagle-tavern (2.jpg
Thee Oh Sees performing at the Eagle Tavern.
It is with much love that we remember the Eagle Tavern, a gay bar, live venue, and S.F. landmark that sadly closed last year. Now, members of the Harvey Milk Club are circulating a petition to make the Eagle a historical landmark, in order to keep it from falling into the hands of a group of non-queer business folk. From the club's recent letter:

It has recently come to our attention that a non-LGBT group of entrepreneurs has entered into a purchase agreement for the former Eagle Tavern. This comes as a shock to many in the LGBT community as there was no outreach done or notice given about this historical community space despite the fact that many LGBT San Franciscans had expressed much interest in the building's future. Furthermore our community had previously heard that there were queer entrepreneurs in negotiation to take over this space; buyers who intended to return it to a place that would continue to serve as a center to those who previously patronized the Eagle and enjoyed it as a LGBT-friendly space.

Now, what's the club's argument for designating the Eagle a historic landmark? Here are its reasons:

  • The ashes of gay men and women who died during the AIDS epidemic are scattered there.

  • The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have blessed it as hallowed queer space and have used it to veil many postulants.

  • Over its 30-year history over $50 million was raised for charities, particularly HIV/AIDS organizations.

  • It was a place that was accessible to the full spectrum of diversity of the LGBT community. It was our community center.

Those are reason enough for the community to have their own say on the tavern's future, according to the petition. What do you think? Sign the letter, visit Save the Eagle Tavern on Facebook, and read more over at our news blog, The Snitch.

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But we do own San Francisco, Jerry. 

Oh yes, we most definitely do.

And btw, I think you'd look great in some ass less chaps.




There are better things for the Supervisors to do then take time create a Landmark for The Eagle Bar. I can think of other great gay bars that are no longer around that would deserve the same thought. BUT, this is just pure bull shit. Make the streets and schools safe for the kids, fight for seniors who can no longer afford medicine or high rent. But taking time for this is what makes so many people believe that the gays own San Francisco!

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