Ridiculous Website Claims There Are Five U.S. Cities Better for Live Music Than S.F.

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Today in clickbait, ponder a new slideshow/listicle/hotel advertisement from the folks over at Oyster.com (via HuffPo) which absurdly claims to round up the five best U.S. cities for live music. What are they? Since coastal media centers and global metropoli are not excluded, we bet you can guess at least two of them. The other three inclusions would be somewhat reasonable if this were a list of the best U.S. Cities For Live Music That Aren't San Francisco. That, however, is not the title of this list as we read it.

Based on the nature of the website that produced this, the main criterion for being a best live music city appears to be the existence of a fancy hotel in the given burg. Apparently fancy San Francisco hotels do not count, because we're pretty sure there are quite a few.

Also, we should warn you that, like quite a few people, the authors of this list seem rather obsessed with some place called Brooklyn, which also happens to be where they reside. Apparently it's cool. Are you rolling your eyes already? (Also, listing Brooklyn, instead of all of NYC, seems like a very dubious move to us, especially if you're arguing it's the [spoiler alert] top music city in the U.S.)

Anyway you're still open to being convinced that there are five live music cities in this nation better than S.F., you may do so on HuffPo. New York, sigh, but we still love you.


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