Lil B Releases "Historical" 878-Song Mixtape

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Lil B performing in S.F.
Remember when Lil B dropped that 676-song mixtape early last year? This was back before his historical NYU lecture, before his historical tentative acceptance from many in the mainstream rap world, before I'm Gay? Well, the Based God has upped his game: In a hefty gift to discographers and completists everywhere, he just released the 878-Song Based Freestyle Mixtape. (Yes, that is apparently its title.) We attempted to download it just now -- we were hoping to make a few jokes about how many hours it'd take to get through. But we couldn't even get that far, because at our current connection speeds, the thing would've taken 18 hours to download. Eighteen hours. Let us now collectively shudder at the thought of how long it might actually take to listen to.

If it's any incentive, though, B claims the mixtape is "historical" -- though B uses that verb to describe pretty much anything he does these days. Anyway, if you've got the bandwidth and the time, here's the Lil B freestyle collection that's guaranteed to keep you busy until middle age:

Mixtape: Lil B -- The 878-Song Based Freestyle Mixtape (Historical)

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