Lady Gaga Gets Her Own Social Network, Because You Don't Already Hear Enough About Her

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Because some 52 million Facebook fans and 26 million Twitter followers -- and y'know, absolute cultural ubiquity -- apparently aren't enough, Lady Gaga and her army of publicists now have a new tool for world domination: Their very own social network.

Yesterday saw the public launch of, a social network built by Palo Alto startup Backplane whose fans eat, breathe, sleep, and post the Queen Monster. According to Silicon Valley 411 (whom we'll trust because we're not signing up for this shit), "the site combines elements of Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, and MySpace, and has both chat and blog-like features as well."

The main difference is that unlike Facebook, Little Monsters currently allows users to remain pseudonymous. So, sorry, dear, that's not Rihanna you're talking to. Another key difference: Everyone on it is obsessed with Lady Gaga -- like Hawyard fan Elizabeth Ortiz, interviewed by KTVU, who has a "monster" tattoo on her inner lip. Sexy.

Investors apparently think this last aspect is a selling point, because Backplane recently raised $4.3 million from major funders for the Little Monsters project -- more than it needed. Apparently brand managers or whoever complain that tweets are too brief and Facebook page requirements are too onerous to properly blast every tween on Earth with the Queen Monster's latest digital utterance.

After months of beta testing by the nation's brightest 13-year-olds, Little Monsters opened to the public yesterday. Gaga already has 19,000 followers on the thing. But as far as we're concerned, the only good thing to come out of Gaga's foray into the tech world is that it might hasten her move to the Bay Area.

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