Top 10 Signs of Punk Rock's Life and Death at the Warped Tour

Yes, the Warped Tour still exists. Maybe you think it's largely for kids with dyed-black hair, studded belts, shredded Vans, and a taste for anthemic three-chord mall-rock. And maybe you're right. But has the Warped Tour really gotten soft? We weren't sure, so we took a reading of the festival's punk rock-ness below, finding signs of both life and death at its most recent S.F. stop this past Saturday. Behold:

10. Sign of Life: Punk Rock Hair

Christopher Victorio
If the whippersnappers behind you can't see anything through your crusty, G.B.H.-era punk spikes, you're doing it right.

9. Sign of Death: Kreayshawn was there

Christopher Victorio
At least the influence of her look. But come to think of it, maybe that's not a bad thing?

8. Sign of Life: Disgusting personal grooming habits

Dirty-Toes-MAYDAY PARADE_IMG_8575.jpg
Raise your punk cred score by three points for every square inch of bare skin that's covered in black dirt.

7. Sign of Death: Musical instruments that aren't guitars, drums, or basses

Christopher Victorio
What is this, a twee convention? Get that shit out of your mouth and play another power chord, dude -- that's all anyone came to hear.

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