DJ Mark Farina Will Not Be Kicked Off the Decks at Mighty This Weekend

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Following a June 2 incident in Las Vegas in which he was barred from performing a scheduled DJ set at the nightclub Marquee -- because, he was told, the crowd was sick of house music -- San Francisco club Mighty is showing its support for local DJ Mark Farina with this "Team Farina" flyer.

"My liaison said manager was getting complaints from table service crowd," Farina tweeted about the incident last weekend. He added in another message that he didn't get to even start his set before being told that he couldn't play. "Apparently too much house for this Vegas crowd," Farina tweeted.

Not only will Mighty make sure Farina gets to play his entire set this weekend, management will not even suggest to him what to spin. So what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Farina is set to play with DJs Miguel Migs and Julius Papp at the Salted anniversary party on Saturday, June 9 at Mighty. Advance tickets are $20. But before that, he's ironically scheduled to return to Vegas today (June 7) to play at the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan as part of the EDMBiz Conference. Here's hoping that crowd lets this well-known S.F. DJ play whatever he wants.

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Thank god this happened!!! Underground house belongs underground. Wake up call, electronic music is anti-establishment, it’s not bougie classless bottle service red rope trash. Why try to push deep soulful music on soulless people who sold there souls??!! Vegas is a trashy, tasteless place people go to vacation that have no imagination. And yes electronic music will go the way hip hop did….it will die, because people will sell it out!!! I remember when you went to a dar sweaty wharehouse and danced with black white rich poor, everyone was having fun, it wasnt about who could throw money around and be douchebag fist pumpers. Take it underground farina.

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