Five Reasons To Love Glenn Danzig (Even Though He's a Drama Queen)

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Reports have emerged that poor little put-upon Glenn of the Danzig threw a hissy fit at Bonnaroo over the weekend because he thought photographers might be taking pictures of him. The nerve of those snappers! Doing their jobs! At a festival, of all places! I mean, is asking for some privacy when you're onstage in front of thousands of people too much to ask? Sheesh.

So, Glenn was being a prissy polly pants. Again. That's okay. We'll kind of forgive him pretty much anything, if we're honest. And yes, we're about to tell you why. Here are five reasons to love Glenn Danzig (even though he's a diva).  

1. Without Him, This Wouldn't Exist:

henry and glenn.jpg

Henry & Glenn Forever is a comic book that imagines that Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins are in a homosexual relationship. In the suburbs. Where they mostly behave like whiny pansies. Wait. It gets better. In the comic, Henry and Glenn live next door to Hall and Oates. Who are Satan-worshippers. This thing is freakin' hilarious. And -- we were thrilled to discover last week (in Needles & Pens incidentally, in case you want your own copy) -- that the book has now been expanded into a comic series, titled Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever. Get a copy. You won't be sad about it.
2. Dude Loves His Cat


It was the photo that launched a thousand memes. Danzig, all in black, hair blowing in the wind, walking with purpose, clutching groceries... and a big ol' box of kitty litter. We know it's childish and stupid. We know rock gods have to buy their household essentials somewhere, too (we saw Lars Frederiksen from Rancid in the produce section of the Market St. Safeway once, and it was surreal because he was the only one there with a forehead tattoo and bondage pants). We had just kind of been laboring under the assumption that Danzig must have a team of minions and underlings to perform such tasks. But no. When it comes to making sure his cat is pooping comfortably, he takes care of that shit (literally) himself. So he must be nice. Right?

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