The Top 15 Most Cocaine-Influenced Albums of All Time: The Complete List


1. Fleetwood Mac, Tusk
What do you do if you've just made the highest-selling album of all time? You make the most expensive album of all time. While doing tons of blow. The first album that cost more than $1 million to record, Tusk may have not come close to matching the commercial success of Rumours, but it did cement Fleetwood Mac's reputation for hedonism. Listening to Tusk is like intermittently eavesdropping on monologues from three people who have been sniffing heinous amounts of white powder. The album's dry, brittle production and talkin'-to-you songs teem with the agitated self-importance of a dedicated coke-head. Its jarring, uncertain song progression must have seemed crazy to fans who were expecting another radio-friendly record like Rumours. But Tusk bears the quiet intensity and obsessive detail of a band that was both very skilled and very much on drugs. That makes it a rarity here: The coke album whose indulgences only get more interesting with repeated listening. -- Ian S. Port

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