Learn the J12, a New Bay Area Hip-Hop Dance Anyone Can Do

J12, a 19-year-old DJ from Oakland, has started a viral video craze with a dance he invented and posted online earlier this year called, immodestly enough, the J12. Welded to the bassline of "Slow Down" by The Team (the Oakland trio of Clyde Carson, Kaz Kyzah, and Mayne Mannish), the dance mainly consists of moving your hips in an outsized circular motion, as if driving your own body, and then turning to the side and swinging your left arm. It's almost as easy as it sounds, even for the wildly uncoordinated -- or an infant.

The dance has been a boon not only for J12 himself, but for The Team. The trio first broke through locally during the hyphy era with 2004's "It's Gettin' Hot," but has been relatively quiet in recent years since Carson, the best-known member of the group, has had Bay Area success by canning Hyphy as an energy drink.

The moves have become so popular that urban radio station KMEL is hosting a J12 dance contest in time for its annual Summer Jam concert on June 10 at Oracle Arena. The winner will be gifted with $500, a trip to New York to watch a taping of America's Got Talent, and, most importantly, the chance to do the J12 onstage at Summer Jam when The Team performs "Slow Down."

The simplicity of the J12 moves makes it a fun dance that people can pick up quickly -- no throwing out your back trying to learn the Cat Daddy or the Dougie here.

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