Five Things To Sort of Like About Kreayshawn's "Breakfast (Syrup)"

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In the video for new single "Breakfast (Syrup)" Kreayshawn the rapping eyelash awakens to find her kitchen taken over by raucous youngsters bathing each other in syrup while attempting to cook pancakes. She promptly joins the party and, with the help of 2 Chainz, proceeds to rattle off some stock lines about having syrup, stacking paper, her phone blowing up, and other unhumble brags you've heard in six dozen previous rap songs.

So it's clear that whatever last year's "Gucci Gucci" was, "Breakfast" isn't another one. The large gap between what it wants to be and how it comes off is either amusing or sad, or maybe both at the same time. But hold on -- this is not going to be another dismissive Kreayshawn post. Really: We scoured all two minutes and fifty seconds of the "Breakfast" video, and managed to find five things about it that are genuinely worth appreciating. Here they are:

1. The incredibly detailed label on Kreayshawn's bottle of syrup:


Which reads "Da Cabin Is [marijuana leaf silhouette] ... Kreay's Cabin Sizzurp." Someone really put some thought into this, guys.

2. The whipped cream fight!


Because who doesn't love to spray sweet, sweet dairy at their friends? It may be the only real action in this music video, but it sure looks fun!

3. Stacks of pancakes ~ stacks of money


You could call this obvious, but how many other things come in quantities of "stacks"?

4. Those bunny slippers


They just look so comfortable. Also, remember when rappers were supposed to be hard?

5. "We just poppin' off/ Just to kill shit/ And we drink a lot/ 'Till we don't feel shit"


It may be a terrible rhyme, but it says so much more than just the literal meaning of the words.

Bonus: Kreayshawn making this face:


[Insert your own caption here.]

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