IamSu! on KILT, Getting an Invite From E-40, and Why He Wants Lil B to do an "Up" Remix

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How did 50 Cent end up getting involved with LoveRance's "Up," which you originally featured on?
We were chilling in my boy's house and we made a lot of songs that day. Once we had the beat, it was real catchy. We kept saying the hook to it, and it just came out like that. So at first it was just a joke, not like, "Oh, yeah, this is a number one single!" Then when 50 got on it, I was just like speechless! 50 Cent is a crazy inspiration of mine, so just having the chance to meet him was insane. He gave me a lot of really good advice about staying focused and good business tips on maintaining my brand and stuff.

Since then, you've tweeted that Lil B is the only person you ever want to hear remix "Up."
Yeah, I've heard so many "Up" remixes over the past few months, but Lil B is someone who I would pay to hear that remix.

What do you think Lil B would do with "Up"?

I think he'd come up with something very surprising, 'cause he always comes very original.

What attracts you to Lil B's music?
I feel like he's misunderstood. He has a message for sure. I saw him talking at NYU about just accepting people for who they are and things of that nature. I respect what he's doing a whole bunch, because it's so original and he's not afraid.

On your Twitter you also have Instagram photos of your family. What do they think of your music?
Well my mom has always supported whatever I want to do. She actually bought me my first drum set when I was three. I used to tap dance, anything to do with music, really. So she wanted to make sure my business was in order, although she did kinda get up in my head about the subject matter of the "Up" song -- but that's what a good mom is meant to do!

Were you any good on the toy drum set?
I was actually surprisingly good, according to my mom. That's when I was living in Louisiana -- we'd always go to state games, and their marching band was incredible, so I ended up being really good. She bought me that because I was banging on the pots in the kitchen.

What happened to the drum kit?
I definitely broke every single drum, put tholes in all of them!

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