Five Potentially Unhealthy Music-Related Fashion Trends

Humans will always enjoy reflecting their musical tastes via the medium of their clothes. And fashion lunatics will tell you that suffering is all part of being beautiful. But if you want to see out of both eyes, keep your ankles fully functioning, and still have babies on day, we suggest you read on. Here are five music-related fashion trends that could be harmful to your health.

1. Emo Hair

Emo hair.jpg

One more thing to cry about, emotional teens: according to Australian doctor Andrew Hogan, covering one eye with that brooding swoop of hair you've been cultivating for years could, in fact, cause lazy eye syndrome. Don't panic though. Chances are, if you still have emo hair in 2012 (seriously... are you still on MySpace too?), you'll be hanging onto that shit 'til the day you die. In which case, it won't matter if you have a lazy eye or not, because no one will ever see the damn thing.  

2. Mod Ties
mod tie.jpg
According to a variety of studies conducted by the likes of Cornell University, ties are, indeed, bad for your health (take that, office workers!). While we're disappointed that Cornell has nothing better to do than study the ill effects of clothing, its study found that 67 percent of men wore shirts that were too tight on the neck. Other studies have suggested that shirts and ties worn too tightly could reduce circulation to the brain, cause muscle strain in the shoulders, and back and possibly lead to glaucoma. Also, apparently, because no one cleans ties often enough, they're nothing but lengthy germ factories. Is looking dapper really worth it, mods? Is it?

3. UV Rave Tattoos

UV tatt.jpg

Well, this should come as a surprise to literally nobody: putting ink in your skin that glows under blacklight might not actually be very good for you. According to "The chemicals that compose UV ink are not considered 100 percent safe due to the number of reported skin irritations. Numerous skin rashes, blisters, and infections have been reported with UV ink. In addition, there is some concern that these inks may contribute to cancer." Hey ravers! Maybe you should just invest in another pair of fluffy, florescent pink knee-high boots...

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how many dudes wearing skinny jeans are actively trying to get their partner pregnant ? like, the temperature effect is temporary so seems like plus. not a minus.


This article seems like it was written in '02.


If you were actually funny this might work. #shitewriting

Ian S. Port
Ian S. Port

Judging by the devastating hilarity of that one-liner, you must be a master of wit yourself.

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