Live Review, 4/24/12: Bruce Springsteen Takes Crowd-Pleasing to the Next Level in San Jose

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Christopher Victorio

We Take Care Of Our Own
Wrecking Ball
Death To My Hometown
My City Of Ruins
Prove It All Night
Jack Of All Trades
Murder Incorporated
Johnny 99
My Love Will Not Let You Down
Shackled And Drawn
Waitin' On A Sunny Day
The Promised Land
American Skin
The Rising
Lonesome Day
We Are Alive
Thunder Road
Rocky Ground
Out In The Street
Born To Run
Dancing In The Dark
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out

Christopher Victorio

Christopher Victorio

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Old Pard
Old Pard

 OUTLAW PETE aka BRUCE SHARPSTEEN sure has alot of energy for an old man. he runs all over the stage like a mad man and he even takes song requests from the crowd like back in the 1960s. I got a lot of respect for this old rocker and fellow Harley rider. im the same age as him and im not nearly in as good shape as he is. he is very good to see live. it took me over 40 years to see him live and im glad I did finally. the band has to be in good shape to keep up with him. most youngsters in their 20s and 30s couldn't keep up and do what Bruce physically does on stage on their best days in life.


I also thought that woman's shirt said "Thank you for my son", but upon closer inspection, it actually read "Thank you ON my 50th". Phew.

Rae Alexandra
Rae Alexandra

Oh thank the Lord! I was horrified! Thanks so much for the explanation!

Drew Beck
Drew Beck

The singalong wasn't during "Prove It All Night" — it was during "Thundercrack." /nitpick


After all these years, I'm talking decades here, I finally went to a Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band Concert last night, I have read that they play on for hours without a break and last night was no exception. One of the greatest concerts I have ever been to and the BOSS and the band was A+. The crowd was definitely into this concert and Bruce was literally into the crowd. I loved their new sax man, no Clarence Clemons, never will be,  but he was real good and with the fan reception he got, he was well accepted into the E Street Band family. 


The new sax man is Jake Clemons, Clarence's nephew. Part of what made last night's show so intensely emotional was how genuinely moved Jame appeared to be at trying to fill his uncle's shoes, and how warmly and enthusiastically the crowd threw its support behind him with each and every solo. Having a Clemons on stage conveyed a continuity and legacy that could never have been captured by passing the baton to any other sax player. It's part of Bruce's brilliance in knowing what his fans want/need and giving it to them. I've been to over 40 Bruce shows and this was quite possibly the best...epic setlist, great crowd energy, and the E Street Band sounds better than ever.

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